One Year Of Thunder.

*Note: This article contains mild sarcasm and my awful jokes.

**Note: The list below contains thank-yous. Aside from my family, the order was as people came into my mind. I did not include last names or anything that people might consider private. They know who they are, and what they have done to help.

It was a dark and stormy night…. (I actually don’t remember the weather.)

But about a year ago at night, I created a zine after some friends and family members encouraged me to. (I had been writing show reviews under the Notes section of my Fa*eb*ok account for some time, and they thought it would awesome to have some paper content. Especially those without a Fa*eb*ok account.)

I worked on the zine alone. It was handwritten.  I always made a quick cover from marker or pen. I always got copies done at the library. And my first interview was my brother.

Thunder, (the zine in discussion), has changed a lot.

I now type whatever part I write, because it looks a lot tidier. I work with a partner, and we take fan submissions so I’m no longer working on the zine alone. I have WAY more cover options. (Some people could argue the new covers are better, but I don’t think anyone understood my artistic vision. I mean, I did it in PEN and in a hurry. I am so creative and avant garde.)

The machine I was most thankful for this year was a printer of my own. It’s expensive at times, but great when it’s cold out and I can print at home.

By far, the most surprising thing I experienced this past year was the interviews. How many people wanted an interview; and continue to. How people said yes when I asked. (I even requested to attend the S.C.E.N.E Festival as Media and was accepted! But I got sick the night before and had to sadly cancel all my interviews.)

I met alot of fantastic people this year, and discovered more about the people and city I admire.

That’s why I want to take this time and say thank you. Below is a list of people who have been awesome to me this year. Whether they read the zine, offered praise and encouragement, visited this site, provided a soundtrack, or were an awesome family member/ friend/ reader/, I owe them EVERYTHING. The zine would not exist, I would not have readers, and I would not have motivation. So thank you to:

My Mom and Dad

My brother

My maternal Grandmother


Sue and Crash

Craig and Leah

Glen and Jody

The members of Adelleda

The members of Web Society

The members of Rackula

The members of NOT

Erik and Nina

The members of The Rebel Arms

The members of Skullians

The members of Slender Loris

The members of Wiggler!?! And The Tiny Humans

The members of Gag Order


The members of Nanochrist

The member of Born Wrong

The members of Bourbon DK

The members of The Nailheads

The members of The Safety Collective

Rebel Time Records

Schizophrenic Records


The members of Gatling

The members of The Pre-Nods

The members of At What Cost



The members of Nothing Helper








All my readers. The ones I never see. The ones who surf this site, and the ones who pick up a zine.


Thank you everyone. I look forward to a new year of writing, interviews, photography, exploring this great country, and meeting cool people.

If I’ve forgotten anyone, sorry!










5 Years In The Hamilton Punk Scene. (And I Can’t For More.)

(*Note: I know this is over a week early, but I expect to be busy in the upcoming weeks, and I wanted to write this while I was thinking about it.)

Come the 18th of June, there is an anniversary I celebrate.

On that day 5 years ago, I first attended a Punk show in Hamilton.

I know I have told this story before, but I love it. About this time 5 years ago, I went into Crash Landing. After paying for my purchases, store owner Suzanne handed me a flyer.

‘There’s a Punk Rock matinée next week. You should come.’ she said smiling.

I went to the show, petrified I would die.

But I had the time of my life. And since then, Punk has been one amazing experience after another for me.

I’ve heard more music than I thought could ever exist. And then I hear more.

I’ve taken thousands of pictures.

I have written thousands of words.

I’ve been to more shows than I can count.

But most of all, I have met some of the most amazing people in the world.

And my favorite part is that it’s all happened in my city.

I want to thank everyone that makes my experience of this scene so awesome. I will be thanking people in person as I see them at shows.

(* I wrote names as they came to me. I appreciate everyone and what they bring to the scene equally.)

Thank you for the 5 years of Punk, (and more in the future):





The ladies of Rackula (All incarnations of the band)

The guys of Adelleda

The guys of Web Society

The guys of Wiggler!?! And The Tiny Humans






The guys of Born Wrong

The guys of Hangman Pinata

Jaime P.



The guys of the 413s

The guys of NOT

I also want to thank:

The bands from out of town

The bands of different genres

The staff of each venue

The independent record stores

The legal online music sites

The Hamilton Public Library

And The all free festivals.

All this contributes to my love of Punk, and love of music in various ways.

An Article On Sexual Harassment.

(* I know a lot of what follows is a lot of people will already know. I’m more writing it for people who don’t know.)

There have times in my life when I haven’t felt my safest. Whether it was because someone said something inappropriate; and did something worse, there have been times I have been frightened out of my mind.

Fortunately, I have never had to go to a hospital or anything. But I have thought over the years ‘What can I do with the things that have happened?’ And so I thought I would write this. I know a lot of seems obvious, but some people don’t know the information.

Here are some things I think EVERYONE should know.

1. Nothing You Did Made It Happen.

It’s not about how you dress. It’s not about how you talk. It’s not even really anything to do with you. People who do things do it for the sense of power.

2. If You Can, Tell.

It would be hard, I know. But whoever did something to you doesn’t deserve to have the community thinking they’re the person they make themselves out to be. And they could hurt someone else. If you can, tell it from the roof-tops. (Proverbially speaking.) Tell everyone you trust to help you.

3. Stick To Your Story.

You know what happened to you. Don’t let anyone tell you ‘Nothing happened’ or ‘Maybe this happened instead.’ Stick to what you remember, and find support. That’s what you need.

4. Know You’re Not Crazy.

You’ll question yourself. You’ll do it again. You won’t want to go anywhere. It’s all normal. If it doesn’t clear up after a long while, than it’s a problem.

5. If You Want, Learn Self-Defense.

There are plenty of classes and videos on how to defend yourself without a weapon. (My favorite is Krav Maga.) Self-defense is totally up to you though.

6. Beware Of Your Surroundings.

I call this just having a good eye. Could you get home if you didn’t have a car? Are there other people around?

7. Let People Know Where You’re Going.

If you expect to be gone a long time, tell someone. Or write a note. Then they’ll be expecting you.

If something were to happen, they would have that note to show as possible missing persons evidence.

8. Nobody, Anywhere, Anytime, Has The Right To Harass You.

Unless you’ve given them permission, no one has the right to touch you. And no one has the right to say degrading things about you.

If they do, and you feel like you can , confront them. In a steady voice, tell them that was unacceptable.


Rock Music Isn’t Just For The Guys.

There aren’t alot commercials that make me think.

Most of the time in fact, I tune them out. Be they on the radio, T.V, before movies, etc.

But today, I was in the car with my Dad and I heard a commercial that actually made me think. I was de-crying the commercial itself, but still. At least it had my attention.

It was for a Rock radio station. And the commercial made the point that Rock radio gave you and whatever listening device you had testosterone.

I am a logical person. I know it’s a few-second bit, designed to grab potential listeners so that they will listen. I’m not mad or anything.

More accurately, I want to say that Rock Music isn’t just for guys. In all it’s factions, you can find women of any age that are just as dedicated as men to their favorite genre. There may not be as many, but you can attribute that to a bunch of different factors. (Not feeling welcome at shows, maybe they enjoy their music in solitude, etc.)

But I do have to say; Ladies, get out and see your favorite bands. The scene will only be better with you.