Rock Music Isn’t Just For The Guys.

There aren’t alot commercials that make me think.

Most of the time in fact, I tune them out. Be they on the radio, T.V, before movies, etc.

But today, I was in the car with my Dad and I heard a commercial that actually made me think. I was de-crying the commercial itself, but still. At least it had my attention.

It was for a Rock radio station. And the commercial made the point that Rock radio gave you and whatever listening device you had testosterone.

I am a logical person. I know it’s a few-second bit, designed to grab potential listeners so that they will listen. I’m not mad or anything.

More accurately, I want to say that Rock Music isn’t just for guys. In all it’s factions, you can find women of any age that are just as dedicated as men to their favorite genre. There may not be as many, but you can attribute that to a bunch of different factors. (Not feeling welcome at shows, maybe they enjoy their music in solitude, etc.)

But I do have to say; Ladies, get out and see your favorite bands. The scene will only be better with you.