One Of The Most Unique Canada Days Ever.

Canada Day is always a special day to me.

Yes, I admit that I often don’t agree with how things are done here. And there are parts of our past I wish had never happened.

But, beyond all that, I see a country that I love. And I love celebrating what so many others have died to give me.

This year is a big year for Canada. Not only does it commemorate 145 years as a country, but it’s also been 200 years since the war of 1812.

That battle was the first of many that helped make us a country. (Yes, I know we’re still technically part of the British Dominion. But I’m sorry, how many people REALLY consider the Queen ‘Their Queen?’)

I think war is a tragedy. I really do. But what came out of it? There aren’t the words that can express my gratitude.

My celebrations for the day will include time with family, singing the Anthem,¬†and going to the Destroy Music Punk show. At the show, we’ll remember Imants Krumins, who I never got to meet; but was told was the ultimate Punk fan. And we’ll celebrate the release of the all-Hamilton Destroy Music, Start Your Band music compilation.

Help celebrate the independence of your nation by shattering the sound barrier around it!!