Review Of Frankie and Jimmy At Gage Park.

As part of Canada’s birthday every year, there is a tradition in Gage Park. It’s Your Festival. (It ran this year from June 29th-July 2nd. I went on the 2nd.)

For a long time, it was considered the ‘folky’ festival. (Probably coming from the name Hamilton Folk Arts Heritage Council, the organizers of the event.)

But that’s changing with the New Music Expo Stage. I have noticed in recent years that there has been a lot of exposure for Punk, Alternative Rock, and the like. And I have gotten to see some of my favorite bands there because of it.

This year, one of my favorite duos took to the stage.

Frankie and Jimmy combine Blues, Rock, Folk, and Punk to create something new. All while bringing the past to life.



It may only be two people.

It may only be an acoustic guitar and a harmonica.

But it’s all Frankie and Jimmy needed to give the audience a spectacular set.

Armed with their Blues covers, the D.I.Y ethic of Punk, and their instruments, the duo played fantastically.

They mostly did their Blues numbers, but some of their stuff had a Rock feel to it.

Frankie and Jimmy’s rendition of ‘Freight Train’ deserves a mention. It fitted with the atmosphere, and it was folky and light.

No matter what they were doing, I liked the energy both performers gave off. Both seemed to throw themselves into the music, and that reflected in the performance.

10 out of 10.



Why The Name Made Of Steeltown?

I know nobody asked, but I’m dying to tell the story of the name of this blog. And the name under which Thunder is published on paper.

When people are told they are tough, they are often told they are ‘Made of steel.’.

But being from Hamilton, and a person who tries to absorbs alot, I like to think I am ‘Made Of Steeltown.’

Obviously, anybody is half of their biological mother’s DNA, half their biological father’s.

But I think I’m composed of that and more.

I consider so many little parts of Hamilton to be a part of me. St Joseph’s Hospital, because I was born there. Gage Park. Our libraries. Defasco and Stelco. Ottawa Street. Homegrown Hamilton. This Ain’t Hollywood. King Street. The Casbah. Hammer City Records. James Street. Crash Landing. Dr Disc. Books And Beats. Our wonderful music, from every genre.

And the people. I can’t say enough about how great they are.

Everything above has helped me become who I am in one way or another. And I hope to reflect that in both life and writing.