Thunder Issue 11. Part 2.

And now we come to the second part of the issue.

Here, I interviewed guitarist Alex Crosty electronically because he had just recovered from an injury.

KW: How did Gatling form?

AC: It really just formed from me and Alex Sallas screwing around and writing songs when we were a lot younger. Eventually we gave a name to our brainchild and added new members as time went on.

KW: How would you describe the sound of the band, yourself?

AC: Hm, I’d say the music is presented as straight up progressive metal, but the band has a wide variety of influences that you can sometimes hear in the music such as post-hardcore and even a sprinkle of jazz.

KW: I know you are one of the guitar players in the band. When did you learn to play?

AC: I started out as a drummer, after about 5 years of drumming my dad forced a guitar on me when I was 12 or 13.  I’m really glad he introduced me to the instrument though!

KW: That’s kind of weird. Why did he force it on you?

AC: Well he wanted me to play guitar instead of having to lug around drums all the time, and to get a knowledge of scales and how music works.  Maybe forced is the wrong word, but he pushed me in the right direction.

KW: Oh I see. So, you can play drums and guitar. Can you play any other instruments?.

AC: I can play bass to a certain degree, I sing, and I have pretty basic piano skills. (Nothing special).


Music is obviously a big part of your life.  Who are you listening to right now?

AC: Honestly everything I listen to is so varied.I realized that getting a nice selection of all sorts of music across every genre is important if you want to create something really special yourself. Influences always effect your music.

I listen to a lot of metal obviously, and even things like rap, jazz, pop, post-hardcore anyone that I feel has the talent and can grab my attention, regardless of genre.

KW: Is there anyone you look up to, as either a drummer or a guitarist?

AC: Oh totally. While technical skill impresses me, I usually end up being influenced by the musicians who wrote some of my favourite songs of all time. I guess off the top of my head some of those would be Misha Mansoor of Periphery and Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria in terms of guitar. And Jonny Craig as a vocalist, love that guy.

KW: You guys recently played a show at the Mod Club, but you guys have also played more intimate shows at smaller venues. Is there a type of show you prefer to play?

AC: Hm, it’s really hard to decide for me. I mean I wouldn’t call MOD club small but, it’s intimate in a way a venue like 24/7 isn’t. It really depends where the stage is and how the room is set up. And if it gives you the most leeway to interact with people, because interaction with the crowd is almost as important as the performance itself.

KW: You guys just released Beforemath, but you went about it in such a way that it was unique. (Going through Rockband, etc.) What do you think the response has been to the album?

AC: Well, the Rockband players have enjoyed Absolute and they’ve all noted the changes and improvements we’ve made from our debut to Beforemath. Overall, while I’m looking for more opinions of the album it has been pretty awesome. People seem to like it for the unique touch we put on it.

KW: How long did the recording of Beforemath take?

AC: We recorded the album in about 2 weeks. But the writing process and preparing took us almost two years due to multiple hurdles we faced as a band over time.

KW: Why are you a musician?

AC: Oh damn. Well most people would come up with some sort of complex and articulate answer to that question. But I guess I’m a fan of all art forms, I’ve dabbled in most of them, but music just seems to be my calling and it’s the medium I am the most talented at.

KW: It’s an honest answer. At least you didn’t say ‘Kristine, I was chosen to save rock ‘n’ roll.’.

AC: Hahahaha. I’d deserve a kick in the face if that was my answer.


This issue we would like to thank:

Alex Sallas

Alex Crosty


The city of Hamilton







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