One Of The Most Unique Canada Days Ever.

Canada Day is always a special day to me.

Yes, I admit that I often don’t agree with how things are done here. And there are parts of our past I wish had never happened.

But, beyond all that, I see a country that I love. And I love celebrating what so many others have died to give me.

This year is a big year for Canada. Not only does it commemorate 145 years as a country, but it’s also been 200 years since the war of 1812.

That battle was the first of many that helped make us a country. (Yes, I know we’re still technically part of the British Dominion. But I’m sorry, how many people REALLY consider the Queen ‘Their Queen?’)

I think war is a tragedy. I really do. But what came out of it? There aren’t the words that can express my gratitude.

My celebrations for the day will include time with family, singing the Anthem, and going to the Destroy Music Punk show. At the show, we’ll remember Imants Krumins, who I never got to meet; but was told was the ultimate Punk fan. And we’ll celebrate the release of the all-Hamilton Destroy Music, Start Your Band music compilation.

Help celebrate the independence of your nation by shattering the sound barrier around it!!




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