I Recall My Own Gothy Past On World Goth Day.

Apparently, today is World Goth Day. (Who knows how, when, or where this got decided.)

This was a very pleasant surprise for me, as I was an ENORMOUS fan of Goth Rock from the ages of 15 to 17 and a half.  I’ll recount the details of my sometimes cringing fandom in a moment, but I would like to say first that there are aspects of Goth that I still like a lot. I kept the music and I listen to it even now. I’m attending some of the new Goth shows that Hamilton now has, as both a photographer and a curious music lover. And my love of all-black clothing is going nowhere fast.

All the following  tidbits are factual. Laugh at will.


– Packing on the make-up so thick that I had to wish my face more than once.

– Wearing a velvet skirt and fit-for-winter leather boots. In 35 degree Celsius heat.

– Reading nothing but Edgar Allen Poe for 2 months because, and I quote from myself, ‘He was the original Goth.’

– Thinking I was so cool the first week. My neck has probably never hoisted my head that high, before or since.

– Wanting a coffin for a bed.

– Wanting furniture from a funeral home as room furniture.

– Dyeing my hair relentlessly. Red, navy blue, purple, black. It didn’t matter. My motto was: ‘Must. Not. Be. Blonde!’

– Listening to Goth Rock and Green Day only for those 2 and a half years. Anything else was ‘f**king crap.’ (Even if I secretly liked it a little.)

– Preventing smiling was on par with preventing a nuclear holocaust.

– In a fit of passion that lasted for exactly 4 months, wanting to create the ‘Gothic Anarchist Party.’ I would become Prime Minister, declare Goths a nation within a nation like Quebec, and change the national anthem to ‘Every Day Is Halloween.’ (The dream died when I examined my anarchist principles more, and when someone pointed out that the acronym for the party would be ‘G.A.P’. I didn’t want people confusing my future party with a store.)

– Laughing was like hearing a demonic voice from within that needed to be exorcised. Or so I imagined.

– Telling anyone who would listen ‘I’m not a stereotype!’  But as you can read above, I clearly succumbed to it at times.

I hope this list has provided a laugh. It certainly has re-examining my memories.


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