It’s That Time Of Year Again. Rebel Fest Is Back For A Second Year.

If anyone has been checking any kind of listing lately, they know what is coming tomorrow. Rebel Fest, which had its first edition last year, is back this year.

For those that don’t attend Punk shows regularly, Rebel Fest is a 2 day marathon of Punk Rock bands; focusing on the Canadian scene. (But this year, a band from France has been included in the line-up.) All varieties play, from the Hard-Core Born Wrong to the political Rebel Spell.

For those that are regular attendees, we know it’s a great time of  year for a lot of reasons. We get to see Punks in our community. We get to meet people from the other scenes. We get to support some good causes with our admissions. And of course, we get to hear stellar Punk Rock from a variety of places.

It may only be 2 days, but they are days I look forward to months in advance.

Whether you are new to Punk Rock, or someone who has been listening for years, I highly encourage everyone to check out this event. It’s $10 both days, All-Ages, and it all kicks off at 7:00 pm tomorrow.


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