How I Fell Into The Role Of ‘The Writer.’

Writing is something I seem to do automatically these days. I sit down at the family computer, think shortly about what would fit, and it comes spilling out. It would seem I have found my niche.

I’ve been writing for a long time. Back when I was 10, it was a poor attempt at a book. (I am still interested in writing books, but it is definitely something to be approached slowly.)

When I became a teenager, I went more in the direction of song-writing and poetry. And I still had the stories bouncing around my mind.

Some stuff went well, some didn’t. The poetry got displayed in an art exhibit. Some of my songs went on to be perfromed at Open Mics when I was still involved in that. And the stories are complete in my mind, not in print.

When I started attending Punk shows, I took in alot. At first, I was happy to just be a fan and attend. But then, I noticed that everybody had a role. And I felt like I needed to do something. So back in 2009, I started taking notes at shows. That led to a crappy little zine that I showed to only my family.

It felt good that I had accomplished something. But I wasn’t sure about my next step.

As a bit of time went on, I got on to Facebook. And I noticed the Notes section.

On Valentines Day 2011, I wrote my first piece. It was about the rather selfish history of the day.

I began giving my opinion on politics and social matters, but I wanted to mix things up a little. And at the time, I had the feeling once again that I wanted a ‘role’ in the Hamilton Punk scene.

That led to me paying even more attention at Punk shows, and writing about my experience when I got home.

If you cut to the present, I write on here and Facebook, I have a zine with my friend, and I write for

It’s great, because I used to feel like my writing would never be out where people would see it.


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