How I Got Into Punk Rock. Part 2.

And now to continue my brilliant story. (I know everyone was waiting with bated breath.)

Just kidding. But to seriously pick up where I left off, I had just heard Green Day. And my mind was blown. I think I was even in some kind of reverie, because the next thing I knew, the song had ended and my Mom was yelling for me.

I quickly shut off my stereo and rushed downstairs.

“What was all that noise just now?” she demanded. “You’re supposed to be doing school-work.”

That noise?!? That had been awesome! I HAD to find out more about the band.

As part of your studies when you’re homeschooled, you are required to spend time at the library. I loved it because we didn’t have a computer at home, and at the library I had access to one.

While my Mom was helping my brother, I skeeved off once again. (I was such a bad student then!)

I looked up Green Day in a search engine, and found out alot about them. I also found out they were associated with Punk. I knew what the word meant vaguely, because of some of the bands my parents listened to. I wanted to find out more, but Mom was coming back over. And I was supposed to researching something.

Back in 2002, Center Mall had a CD store called Music World. And not long after I heard the band, I went to the store to find the CD that contained ‘Basketcase.’

My trip was successful, and I brought home ‘Dookie.’ Further trips yielded their other CDs, and I listened to nothing but Green Day for 2 years straight.

2004 was a big year. I was 14, and I didn’t know it, but my life was going to change.

Now, this might surprise some people, but I used to go to church. I am spiritual to this day, but I believe in evolution and women’s rights.

Anyway, I had found a Punk at my church. He didn’t dress the part, but he had amazing music. Especially the latest Green Day album, ‘American Idiot.’

He didn’t get the chance to lend me his copy, but I knew to be on the look out for the CD. And after church, we had shopping to do, and I grabbed a copy.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when I popped it in the CD player at home. It was searing, it was pissed, and said what I was thinking.

While I was listening, I decided two things:

-That I was devoting myself to this Punk Rock thing.

-And that I was going to embrace being the outsider I had felt like my whole life.


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