How I Got Into Punk Rock. Part 1.

This post was inspired by Mr! Erik, of the Hamilton Punk band Wiggler!?! And The Tiny Humans, and his new blog. (He’s actually on wordpress at:

He was talking about how he became part of Punk’s vast, varied family, and it gave me an idea for a story.

I don’t often talk about how I entered the Punk Rock domain. I might tell bits and pieces of my story, but not much more than that.

I actually grew up listening to a little Punk. My Mom is a big Billy Idol fan, and my Dad likes quite a few Punk bands. From local heroes Teenage Head and Forgotten Rebels, to the Clash and the Pretenders.

But they listened to the group or artists most well-known song. And Punk wasn’t their first genre of choice. My Mom is a lite-rock and Pop fan first, and my Dad is devoted to Classic Rock.

While I listen to a mix of music now, including music that my parents do, when I was 12 I was getting bored. Call it pretentious, but I felt like the ‘music’ I was hearing on the radio at home was garbage.  And I was too good for it.

Now, so you can get a picture of that fateful day, you need to know 2 things about me. I was homeschooled. And, I had a cool hand-me-down from my Dad. His stereo from the 80’s, that had two tape decks, a CD player, and a ton of volume.

That day, I was supposed to be doing my school-work. But I was fiddling with the dial, wishing as I often did for something cool to listen to.

And that was to be the day, I suppose. I landed on a station that was swearing that somebody’s version of the up-coming song wasn’t as good as this original.

I sat there in awe. The vocals were clear, yet kind of weird. The tempo was like being on a manic roller-coaster. The guitar  soared like nothing since the Rebels. The drums were pounding like the ones in war movies. And the bass, pinned underneath, kept what little sanity this track had.

According to the DJ’s, I had just heard Green Day’s ‘Basket Case.’


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