Picture Below

The picture below is the cover of the zine that I do with a friend here in Hamilton. In the past, I interviewed Hamilton bands, he reviewed CDs. But now, we’re going to collaberate more on the interviews.

If you’re ever here, and want a copy of the zine, you can find it for free at:

-Crash Landing, a store on Ottawa street that carries Punk clothing, music, and even house-ware.

-Hammer City Records. They mostly sell vinyl records, but I have found some cool, rare tapes and CDs too. They’re a little bit hard to find, in an alleyway on Robert and James streets, but totally worth it.


-This Ain’t Hollywood. This is THE place for Punk in Hamilton. (There is a monthly Punk matinee.) So much going on here, and I love it!

It’s on James street, and a short walk from Hammer City Records.

The cover was designed by a member of the Hamilton Punk band, Adelleda. (They have a great sound. One minute they’re mellow and skate-Punk, next they’re thrashing away.)

I have to throw in one final thing; if you go to the stores, bars, or even run into a band, you will notice one thing. They are all amazingly kind. That is one thing that I love about this scene.


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